What Seattle Needs (Part 3): Working Together to Revitalize Biotech

Stewart Lyman

These are incredibly exciting times in biomedical research. Though the biopharmaceutical industry is in flux, prospects for a greater understanding of the disease process, and the development of …

What Seattle Needs (Part 2): Dealing With Amgen’s Upcoming Departure

Stewart Lyman

Reality bites: Amgen’s (NASDAQ: AMGN) decision to leave Washington state is a serious blow to our local bioscience ecosystem. Those who think that all of those people …

What Seattle Needs (Part 1): “Semi-Successful” Biotech Companies

Stewart Lyman

I know what you’re thinking: that’s a pretty strange headline. Why would a city want to attract or build companies that are only “semi-successful?” Wouldn’t it want …

A Prescription for the Achilles Heel of Healthcare IT

Zia Agha

What keeps doctors from sleeping at night?

Electronic Health Records (EHRs).

More specifically, the “homework” these essential-but-sometimes-inefficient systems generate is enough to cause nightmares.

In a …

BIO 2014: Innovations in 3-D Tissue for Disease and Drug Discovery

Sharon C. Presnell

Editor’s Note: Sharon Presnell discussed the use of bioprinting and 3D tissue to improve predictability in preclinical drug discovery this week at the BIO 2014 convention in …

BIO 2014: Two Cities, One Economy, and a Unique Innovation Ecosystem

Mary Walshok

Editor’s note: Mary Walshok will discuss how Mexican policy is using public-private partnerships to spur biotech innovation and investment in a breakout session Thursday at the BIO 2014 …

BIO 2014: Training Bio-Entrepreneurs to Use Coffee, Yoga, and Data

Court Turner

Editor’s note: Court Turner was a speaker in the bootcamp for biotechnology entrepreneurship at this week’s BIO 2014 Convention in San Diego. —BVB

As a venture partner at …

BIO 2014: Why San Diego is a Hub for RNA R&D and Drug Development

Joseph Payne

Editor’s note: Arcturus CEO Joe Payne is set to give a company presentation Wednesday at the BIO 2014 convention in San Diego. —BVB

Medicinal chemistry has come a …

BIO 2014: Antisense and Disruptive Technologies for Drug Discovery

Stanley Crooke

Editor’s note: The BIO 2014 convention begins today in San Diego. Stanley Crooke is among the speakers at a breakout session Wednesday titled Blazing New Trails in Disruptive …

BIO 2014: An Industry Surrounded by Insurmountable Opportunity

Standish Fleming

Biotech is riding the crest of a wave of public and private financial interest unparalleled in the 36-years since the founding of Genentech. Since 2012 public markets have …