It had to be you: Why Roche Was the Lone Suitor for Foundation

Steve Dickman

The buzz from day one of the J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference in San Francisco earlier this week was the announcement on Sunday night by Roche that it (Read more...)

Even When Money is Easy, Rules of Biotech Finance Still Apply

Standish Fleming

Last month Juno Therapeutics closed a $250 million IPO, bringing the total raised since it was founded in Seattle in 2013 to close to $600 million. The (Read more...)

Hepatitis C Commercial Game Theory

Peter Kolchinsky

Anyone either celebrating or fearing the start of a Hepatitis C drug price war should take a break from the excitement to consider that a far more nuanced (Read more...)

Kicking the Cyber Attack Can Down the Road

Michael Schrage

By far the most important issue where the can got “kicked down the road” is any kind of concerted effort to deter or dissuade cross-border cyber-crime, cyber-attacks, cyber-vandalism (Read more...)

What’s the Most Important Issue That Didn’t Get Addressed in 2014?

Bill Aulet

Immigration. Very sad and shows how deeply dysfunctional our system is. This is really hurting innovation—and other countries, like Canada, U.K., Chile and Spain, have moved (Read more...)

Rethinking Venture Philanthropy After the Kalydeco Windfall

Peter Kolchinsky

The Cystic Fibrosis (CF) Foundation’s big win in venture philanthropy can fuel constructive competition among companies developing innovative CF drugs, benefiting both patients and the healthcare system by (Read more...)

Prescription Drug Pricing: The Fine Line Between Value and Greed

Stewart Lyman

Value. It’s one of the most frequently used buzzwords on both Wall Street and in healthcare. Virtually every press release from a publicly traded company assures us that (Read more...)

Lowering the Cost of Failure in Biopharmaceuticals

Court Chilton

In any business, projects fail, but in biopharmaceuticals, the consequences of failure are especially damaging. Projects in the industry tend to be long and expensive—from clinical trials to (Read more...)

What Seattle Needs (Part 2): Dealing With Amgen’s Upcoming Departure

Stewart Lyman

Reality bites: Amgen’s (NASDAQ: AMGN) decision to leave Washington state is a serious blow to our local bioscience ecosystem. Those who think that all of those people ...

What Seattle Needs (Part 1): “Semi-Successful” Biotech Companies

Stewart Lyman

I know what you’re thinking: that’s a pretty strange headline. Why would a city want to attract or build companies that are only “semi-successful?” Wouldn’t it want ...