Prescription Drug Pricing: The Fine Line Between Value and Greed

Stewart Lyman

Value. It’s one of the most frequently used buzzwords on both Wall Street and in healthcare. Virtually every press release from a publicly traded company assures us that (Read more...)

Lowering the Cost of Failure in Biopharmaceuticals

Court Chilton

In any business, projects fail, but in biopharmaceuticals, the consequences of failure are especially damaging. Projects in the industry tend to be long and expensive—from clinical trials to (Read more...)

What Seattle Needs (Part 2): Dealing With Amgen’s Upcoming Departure

Stewart Lyman

Reality bites: Amgen’s (NASDAQ: AMGN) decision to leave Washington state is a serious blow to our local bioscience ecosystem. Those who think that all of those people ...

What Seattle Needs (Part 1): “Semi-Successful” Biotech Companies

Stewart Lyman

I know what you’re thinking: that’s a pretty strange headline. Why would a city want to attract or build companies that are only “semi-successful?” Wouldn’t it want ...

A Prescription for the Achilles Heel of Healthcare IT

Zia Agha

What keeps doctors from sleeping at night?

Electronic Health Records (EHRs).

More specifically, the “homework” these essential-but-sometimes-inefficient systems generate is enough to cause nightmares.

In a ...

BIO 2014: Innovations in 3-D Tissue for Disease and Drug Discovery

Sharon C. Presnell

Editor’s Note: Sharon Presnell discussed the use of bioprinting and 3D tissue to improve predictability in preclinical drug discovery this week at the BIO 2014 convention in ...

BIO 2014: Two Cities, One Economy, and a Unique Innovation Ecosystem

Mary Walshok

Editor’s note: Mary Walshok will discuss how Mexican policy is using public-private partnerships to spur biotech innovation and investment in a breakout session Thursday at the BIO 2014 ...

BIO 2014: Training Bio-Entrepreneurs to Use Coffee, Yoga, and Data

Court Turner

Editor’s note: Court Turner was a speaker in the bootcamp for biotechnology entrepreneurship at this week’s BIO 2014 Convention in San Diego. —BVB

As a venture partner at ...

BIO 2014: Why San Diego is a Hub for RNA R&D and Drug Development

Joseph Payne

Editor’s note: Arcturus CEO Joe Payne is set to give a company presentation Wednesday at the BIO 2014 convention in San Diego. —BVB

Medicinal chemistry has come a ...

BIO 2014: Antisense and Disruptive Technologies for Drug Discovery

Stanley Crooke

Editor’s note: The BIO 2014 convention begins today in San Diego. Stanley Crooke is among the speakers at a breakout session Wednesday titled Blazing New Trails in Disruptive ...

BIO 2014: An Industry Surrounded by Insurmountable Opportunity

Standish Fleming

Biotech is riding the crest of a wave of public and private financial interest unparalleled in the 36-years since the founding of Genentech. Since 2012 public markets have ...