Join Xconomy for ‘What’s Hot in Cancer Immunotherapy’ on April 22

SEA HCI 4.22.14. 300x200LT Luke Timmerman

Two or three years ago, most biotech pros would have scoffed if you had predicted a revival of cancer immunotherapy. Dendreon flopped, right?

Oh, how quickly things change.


Social Media & Cancer Drugs: Conversation, not Promotion

Laura Strong

[Updated 1/23/14, 2:23 pm.] Social media hasn’t yet changed the world for biotech and pharma companies, but I believe this year is the year that will change.


What Biotech Pros Will Be Chirping About at JP Morgan This Week

BioBeatlogo Luke Timmerman

Somebody always has to announce a monster acquisition, or gee-whiz biotech/pharma partnership, on the eve of the JP Morgan Healthcare Conference in San Francisco. Everyone wants to be ...